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By | February 28, 2018

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Latest IBM C5050-287 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers:

Question: 21

When developing with IBM Web Sphere Portal 8.5 themes, which parameter for the r:datasource tag will help speed up development by requiring fewer server restarts?

A. max-age
B. theme-uri
C. reloadlnterval
D. reloadingEnabled

Answer: D

DB2 data source, automatic client reroute enabled, restart admin

Question: 22

How can Howard deploy and incorporate his newly created layout template into the Prod theme using the default layout templates location?

A. Edit the new layout template file, and add it to the head section of the theme. html file.
B. Copy the new layout template file, and place it in /fs-type1/themes/Prod/layout-templates in the WebDAV file store.
C. Copy the new layout template file, and place it in /fs-type1/themes/Prod/templates/layout in the WebDAV file store.
D. Create an enterprise archive (EAR) file from the layout template file, and deploy it by ConfigEngine task add-layout-template.

Answer: B

Question: 23

A developer wants to add two portlet preferences to his portlet application.
Which file is the correct location to insert the preferences?

A. web.xml
B. portlet.xml
C. application.xml
D. preferences.xml

Answer: B

Question: 24

Which URI schema should be used to render the footer_mobile.jsp while accessing IBM WebSphere Portal using a smartphone or tablet?

A. href=”smartphone/tablet/footerjnobile.jsp”
B. href=”/customTheme/themes/html/dynamicSpots/footer_mobile.jsp”
C. href=”smartphone/[email protected]:/customTheme/themes/html/dynamicSpots /foote r_mobile.j sp”
D. href=”mvc:smartphone/[email protected]:/customTheme/themes/html/dynamicSpots /foote r_mobile.j sp”

Answer: B

Question: 25

What is the mechanism that enables a portlet installed on a remote IBM WebSphere Portal server to be added to and displayed on a page in a local WebSphere Portal server?

A. Impersonation
B. Remote Web Services
C. Remote Deployment for Portlets
D. Web Services for Remote Portlets

Answer: D

A Remote Rendering portlet is used to display Web content on a different portal server than the instance of IBM® WebSphere®
Portal where IBM Workplace Web Content Management is installed

Question: 26

Which statement is true regarding the processAction lifecycle method?

A. It generates the HTML page for the portal.
B. It generates the HTML fragment for the portlet
C. It can publish an event by calling the setEvent method.
D. It can handle an event that is published by another portlet.

Answer: B

Portlets should not use tags that impact content generated by other portlets or that may even break the entire portal page.
Inclusion of such a tag invalidates the whole markup fragment.
Portlets generating HTML fragments must not use the following tags: base, body, iframe, frame, frameset, head, html, or title.
Portlets generating XHTML and XHTML-Basic fragments must not use the following tags: base, body, iframe, head, html, or title.

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