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By | February 6, 2018

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Version: 17.0
Question: 21

Refer to the exhibit. The topology is an inter-AS VPN that is using Option B. Given the traceroute output from CE1 to CE2 .Which three options are VPN labels? (Choose two)

A. Label 17 for LSP 1
B. Label 21 for LSP 1
C. Label 24 for LSP 1
D. Label 17 for LSP 2
E. Label 20 for LSP 2
F. Label 21 for LSP 2
G. Label 17 for LSP 3
H. Label 20 for LSP 3

Answer: B, C, H

Question: 22

A VPLS network consists of provider edge routers that have fully meshed pseudowires, the network runs unicast and multicast traffic, the network recently experienced bandwidth and CPU-related performance issue While monitoring the VPLS and interface statistics an operations engineer notice that the network is experiencing an unusual amount of broadcast and undesired multicast traffic. Which two technique can address these issue?(choose two)

A. Change the network to run VPWS to mange the broadcast traffic efficiently
B. Implement MAC withdrawal on each EFP in the VPLS bridge domain
C. Set a limit on MAC learning in the pseudowire in the VPLS network
D. Implement Storm Control in the VPLS bridge domain
E. Implement IGMP snooping in the VPLS network

Answer: D, E

Question: 23

An support engineer has been tasked to protect an ISP infrastructure from the growing number of encrypted DDoS attacks. The solution should also validate the eBGP peering. Which solution accomplishes these goals?

A. BGP FlowSpec
C. BGP Route Dampening

Answer: E

Question: 24

ISP A provides L2VPN services to Company B through an MPLS network. Company B uses all available CoS values to classify and different traffic forwarding within all Company B sites. ISP A uses the following CoS values to differentiate service classes for the VPN customer traffic
*MPLS EXP 0 for Bronze service class
*MPLS EXP 1 for Silver service class
*MPLS EXP 2 for Gold service class
*Remaining MPLS EXP values for ISP A internal use

ISP A’s policy is to forward VPN customer traffic based only on their Bronze, silver and Gold service classes. Which QoS method must ISP A implement to achieve this?

A. Short-pipe Mode
B. Russian Doll Model
C. Pipe Mode
D. Uniform Mode
E. Maximum Allocation Model

Answer: D

Question: 25

Refer to the exhibit, An engineer is asked to troubleshoot packet drops inside a network which option is true?

A. HTTP traffic originated by the subnet uses up to 10% of the interface bandwidth. However, if no congestion is present, no more bandwidth is allocated to HTTP traffic
B. SMTP traffic originated by the subnet uses up to 10% of the bandwidth, however, if no congestion is present, more bandwidth is allocated to SMTP traffic
C. SMTP traffic originated by the subnet uses up to 10% of the bandwidth. However , if no congestion is present, SMTP traffic above 10% of link bandwidth is dropped
D. HTTP traffic originated by the subnet uses up to 10% of the interface bandwidth. However, if congestion is present, less bandwidth is allocated to HTTP traffic

Answer: C

Question: 26

Which are the two limitations of the predefined NAT solution?(Choose two)

A. The Bulk port allocation configuration is not available
B. The global port limit parameter is not available for the predefined mode
C. Only the port-presentation option is available
D. NetFlow and syslog are not supported
E. It cannot be configured for each of the inside VRF instance

Answer: A,B

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